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In January of 2006 my wife was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Blue Round Cell Tumor, also known as DSRCT, which is a rare and extremely aggressive form of cancer, usually with poor prognosis for survival.

After months of extensive chemotherapy, several operations, and more chemotherapy we thought she might have an actual chance of surviving. After two weeks of cautious hope our world was destroyed yet again when a scan showed that new tumors were growing in both lungs. There were no more medical means to cure her disease, and eventually she died on January 9th 2007.

To help others who are in a similar situation, my wife and I made this blog, where her entire treatment course is described in detail as a kind of diary. The blog also contains a short description of all the medication that has been part of the treatment.

December 22nd, 2006

DiaryPosted by Jacob Juhl 2006-12-22 16:58:17

Today our doctor wanted to find out what had caused the excessive bleeding, so Mette was CT-scanned. The results came as a bit of a surprise, but not a complete shock: there had been tumor growth in both lungs since the last scan (-the tumors have doubled in size in eight weeks), and new metastases have appeared. Apparently one of the tumors had started bleeding, but it could not be discerned whether this was caused by the Sutent pills or not. Because of the tumor growth and the bleeding our doctor strongly recommended that Mette should stop taking Sutent immediately. She had two more blood transfusions, a bag of painkillers, and was sent home for the christmas holidays!

We are a little bit disappointed that Sutent didn't work, but nothing really gets to us anymore. We know which route Mette is taking, we just don't know how long it takes to get there. But now we have decided that this f***ing disease will not be allowed to destroy our christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

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